I asked you for links! And maybe five people said, Hey, sure. (Who doesn’t want a link to them??)

I also hit up Hacker News. And that went better. I don’t really see any of these links as being outside of my filter bubble—might need to crawl Neocities next!

But hey. It’s great! I wanted to play with a directory format for these links. And here is my result. I’m starting with a simple three-column format, cribbed from the reviews in the back of Zine World.

Thankyou for letting me link to you!

Home Pages

  • It’s Krish A nice, colorful little home page with some longish essays on culture, the Internet and the future. I was wondering if this sort of encapsulated personal home page existed—and it does! I personally REALLY like that Krish has organized the articles on the site into a little directory. Often a blog is simply the most recent things and that may not be a good starting point for discovering someone. #creativity #personal Screenshot


  • Alexander Ellis Nicely spare and minimal. One year old. A good number of useful, detailed tutorials on Arduino, JavaScript and other programming projects. Many posts are titled “Investigating X” and have the feel of a Jupyter notebook REPL. #curiosity #javascript Screenshot

  • The Daily Flywheel Manga, office work dynamics, goals and such. The author apologizes for a default Wordpress design and also notes that it’s “a personal blog not targeted towards public consumption.” However, I found myself engrossed by reading someone’s detailed personal thoughts. I say “someone” because the author does not reveal a name. I very much approve! #manga #personal Screenshot

  • Island in the Net Going back at least a decade, this is a rather enormous blog of photography, beer reviews and a myriad of posts on tech and culture. The beer and photography sections (and the “beertography”, of course) are very impressive in their layout. While browsing the photos, I thought that it’s been a long time since I’ve had a window into someone’s life like this. On Instagram, I’ve become used to seeing a groomed pictosummary of someone’s life. To see hundreds of their pictures is to really feel like you’re looking through their eyes. #beer #photography #indieweb Screenshot

  • Mann Brand-new blog of esoteric software knowledge. While posts like Lessons Learned Writing Unit Tests fit into my head, Continuous Delivery With AWS Beanstalk, CodePipeline and Terraform certainly didn’t—there’s a specific sort of programmer that must be drawn to this information. I hope you find Mann! The layout of the blog posts with the table of contents on the side is very clean and useful. #cloud #code Screenshot

  • Olgica Djuric Welcome Olgica! There is but a single post on this new blog (along with a few book recommendations). I love lengthy blogposts (“tl;dr” should simply not be an expression), so I’m looking forward to further posts on chess, building things and life in Serbia. #new #software Screenshot

  • P83 Peter’s stream of updates on a variety of Indieweb (and specifically Ekster) development. I was certainly disappointed that the article “Micropub for a Static Neocities Website” didn’t have more! A wealth of bookmarks (and some are in the likes area as well.) #code #indieweb Screenshot

  • Rambling Git This blog is a great example of why I’m doing these hrefhunts (there will be more.) While the blog is very spare on design, Brad’s thoughts on the structure of the web are fantastic. Reading these posts really made me realize that there is much to do beyond Google and Reddit. In fact, it motivated me to go hrefhunting as an experiment: perhaps small, personal directories are part of the antidote. Brad’s posts on webrings, DuckDuckGo and web directories are top notch. #indieweb #discovery Screenshot

  • Read Write Collect A tremendously active hub of bookmarks, comments and presentations—primarily on education, the Internet and the state of the World. I really appreciate the quotes cited in each link. I’m a teacher and I’m always looking for a good community out there. #education #links #indieweb Screenshot

  • Sen’s Dev (and Non-Dev) Diary A Github repo as a blog. I particularly like that drafts and scraps of articles are posted as-is. Having metadata posted at the beginning of each blog entry without a blog software to process it is amusing. #personal #software Screenshot

  • Taylor D. Edmiston A Python community blogger, focused on startups and a software called Apache Airflow. Interesting to see the Pokémon GO strategy article! I had no idea such information was being trafficked. #startups #tech Screenshot

  • Zach Oglesby It looks like this is a blog using Known, a blog software I’ve been curious about. Mostly status updates and photos, this is a good look at what an independent presence looks like these days. The bookmarks section is heavily used and contains a lot of great material. #microblog #profile Screenshot


  • Car Bomb Podcast A cast of ten or twelve people rotate in to discuss pop culture and gaming, beer and basically anything that they think is worth mocking or praising. The episode on “The Odds” stirred nostalgia—I used to play that all the time. #beer #culture Screenshot

Href Hunt Archives

  • January 2020: Just random personal pages - 24 of them I came across.

  • November 2019: 22 personal and pro sites from linked lists on the blogs I follow.

  • May 2019: 15 personal sites from Twitter etc.

  • April 2019: 24 personal sites from Hacker News. Four or five wild designs. One Google parody that’s quite good.

  • February 2019: 15 neat personal sites, plucked from HN and Twitter.

  • November 2018: A few sites from tweets and Pinboard. 10 blogs and web pages.

  • September 2018: Plundering graphic design forums and Reddit. 19 home pages and portfolios.

  • August 2018: A whole lot of stuff from Hacker News. 59 home pages and blogs.

  • July 2018: The first attempt. 1 home page, 1 podcast and 11 blogs.