Let Me Link to You

UPDATED: My previous months of hunting are at HrefHunt! The next batch will be published on April 15th.

So wait. Where are you?

I guess I’m caught in my filter bubble again. After #DeleteFacebook, maybe you went back to your bicycle and your Polaroid camera. But maybe you’re out there still—can I still find you?

Hey, I have an idea! Just tell me where you’re at. A link to your personal blog or home page or whatever it is.

Not a business or a software project. Not a venture. Just your zany vaporwave page or your sobering, grief-stricken page or your low-key photos of old train cars page. Video, audio, telnet—whatever kind of link. Even a paragraph explaining why you hate links, so I know where you’re at mentally.

Just send a link:

  • By way of Twitter: @kickscondor.
  • Or @kicks.
  • Or email: ‘kicks’ at this
  • Or a Webmention to this page.

Then check back in two days and I am going to build a miniature directory out of these links. I will put a big link to it at the top of this page. I don’t have a predefined scheme in mind for organizing them. I’m going to sort that out once I see what comes in. (And I will also present a raw dump of them in chronological order—the order in which I received them.)

And if you don’t have a link. Well, I’m giving you two days! (Please. I beg of you: Make something with an image map.)

Screenshot of an old-school website.

Ok, the backstory. I recently stumbled across a very interesting website called h0p3’s Wiki. It was on Hacker News—the author asks Am I allowed to plug my site? After the audience grants permission, this fantastic link gets dropped. (I have since had many conversations with [h0p3] and to know he and his family pretty well!)

But I thought: why is it such taboo to drop a link? We’ve become very hard on self-promotion. I’m not going to just stumble on this person’s website. I NEED THEM TO SHOW ME WHERE IT IS!

I started wondering what else is out there. I don’t want to wait to be on the same subreddit as you. Or to live in the same neighborhood or have the same uncle or be fighting the same cause. In fact, it’s better if there’s no possible connection between us. It would be a rupture in the balloon.

But we could still link to each other. Maybe we don’t need an elaborate system beyond that.

Don’t worry if your Webmentions or links aren’t showing up on this page yet. I am tracking them.