UPDATED, 27 Jan 2020. Welcome to a new ‘hunt’ (my 9th) and to a new decade. Many of my links here just come from surfing here and there, though a few of you have reached out to just say hi.

I am feeling like each batch is getting better - new websites and blogs pop up every day - wonderful stuff, see for yourself… get inspired… and let me link.

  • Zain Amro Holy shit - here’s minimalism. gg. Screenshot

  • Charlotte Allen Indieweb site done in Wordpress. Nice integration with da socials. But best of all, thank you for this. Screenshot

  • Maxwell Joslyn Just the kind of personal blog that I really like the best - littered with projects and writings, thoughts stuffed everywhere. This is sort of like what Sphygmus’ or Chameleon’s wikis would look like outside of TiddlyWiki. Screenshot

  • Winnie Lim Nice personal essays that I am just scratching the surface of. I think it’s especially cool that Winnie has moved from Medium to a personal website and successful reproduced all the essays here. Screenshot

  • Roy Tang Impressive Indieweb site - weaves lots of different post types together, but also due to its age - dates back to 2002! Has some really neat pages, such as ‘links’, which forms a giant chronological list of saved links. I love how dense this is. Screenshot

  • Paperclypse This blog is by Shawn Kilburn (@paperclypse), though it’s more of a writing journal, maybe what Rebecca Blood’s book referred to as an ‘everything/nothing’ page. I asked the author about what it’s been like to keep these writings alive for almost 20 years and the reply was: Let’s see… I think I started on Blogger (or maybe something even more obscure and gone) and then moved to MovableType and then moved to Wordpress. I had a brief stint on Squarespace but realized I preferred having my own thing. It hasn’t taken much effort. 😄 I go through long periods of “loving neglect”. I’m thrilled to see what seems like a reviving interest in blogging (a word I’ve always hated, btw hahaahha). Also, weirdly, “paperclypse” came to me in a dream. Screenshot

  • Simone’s Computer This is not only another fantastic operating system themed website (in the vein of, but the author keeps a directory of such sites. Please friend and say hi to @syxanash for me, ok? Screenshot

  • Vegard Vines Skjefstad A very pretty blog done in pastelish colors without smelling like easter eggs. Seems to be a Wordpress blog and an Indieweb site! (Strangely, this is a default theme in Wordpress 5.3, but I’ve never seen it in the wild - so hey looks good!) Screenshot

  • Jamie’s Notes The design of this one feels like a kin to the above, but in blue. Interesting that the ‘about’ page shows an email status. This does seem like a useful statistic to broadcast. Screenshot

  • Nicky Case Rhys Lindmark offered this home page as a missing part of my ‘Links of the 2010s’ list. Wish some one woulda told me years ago! Seems cool. Screenshot

  • Heed Not The Rolling Wave Links, weeknotes and essays with minimal dressing. (Truly ‘weeknotes’ have caught on lately!) Also has a very good Pinboard. Screenshot

  • Manuel Moreale Don’t recall how I stumbled across this one - but the fact that the latest post there laments the state of modern ‘discoverability’ makes it too ironic to not list here among my other discoveries. Screenshot

  • Neonauticon Sweet microchip blog, microblog and DIRECTORY, hailing from Neocities. Appears to use Hugo and Neocities under the hood. Definitely a gem that I am hanging on to from this hunt - mostly because I cross over on some technical interests. Screenshot

  • Victor Magalhães Brazilian blogger who writes about many of the topics I cover: HTML, the Web, the Indieweb. Even if you are English-speaking, you will find acres of good links in the weekly notes. Screenshot

  • Zander Martineau Slick darkly-themed home page. A good step above minimalist, but still clean and full of interesting stuff. Inspired! Screenshot

  • nravic Minimal blog with a handful of articles on language processing, generative art and pho. Promises to be well above my head. Screenshot

  • Adam Elkus Minimalist essay blog, made the rounds with “The Hierarchy of Cringe”. I like the GIF. Screenshot

  • Today’s Pointless Click Burgeoning website of projects by Andrew Blakey - done in the ‘knowledge base’ style we’ve seen grow over the past few years. Screenshot

  • Peter Steineck Home page of an animator - of particular interest to me for the GIF art. (And for directing me to Hellavision.) Screenshot

  • dj. flugvél og geimskip Electronic horror music from outer space. So this is what old school icelandic horror web pages look like. ACCEPTABLE. (via Web Curios.) Screenshot

  • No Moods, Ads or Cutesy Fucking Icons Since 2007, the blog of author Peter Watts. Don’t know much about this one, but I have to hang on to these rare blogs that made it through the Web Abandonment Era of 2015. Screenshot

  • Impure Pics Cool domain, neat imagery. Curios what static site generator is in use here. Screenshot

  • Zachary Hamed As opposed as I am to the blue-gray-white color scheme that dominated the last decade, there is some graceful layout and markup here that might be a basis for your own inspiration. Screenshot

  • Egg Freckles Quite an amusingly styled blog - it looks like an old Apple Newton, one of the original tablets in the ‘palm pilot’ era. What’s quite impressive is that the images and icons all keep the monochrome vibe, such that you do actually feel that you are browsing on a Newton. Screenshot

Href Hunt Archives

  • January 2020: Just random personal pages - 24 of them I came across.

  • November 2019: 22 personal and pro sites from linked lists on the blogs I follow.

  • May 2019: 15 personal sites from Twitter etc.

  • April 2019: 24 personal sites from Hacker News. Four or five wild designs. One Google parody that’s quite good.

  • February 2019: 15 neat personal sites, plucked from HN and Twitter.

  • November 2018: A few sites from tweets and Pinboard. 10 blogs and web pages.

  • September 2018: Plundering graphic design forums and Reddit. 19 home pages and portfolios.

  • August 2018: A whole lot of stuff from Hacker News. 59 home pages and blogs.

  • July 2018: The first attempt. 1 home page, 1 podcast and 11 blogs.