UPDATED, 11 Nov 2019. Okay, this month’s links are culled from a handful of little threads here and there.

And, from anyone who e-mailed me. Yup: let me link to you.

  • sarahrothberg This site is dope. That trippy kaleidoscope effect. There’s also a funky hall-of-mirrors effect in there. The projects are quality. Surprising things in here. This goes in my permanent collection. Screenshot

  • Sarah Drasner’s bomb site Yeah, been finding a lot of SVG designers around, it’s great, Sarah is in that crew. Her blog is very well done. (IMHO better than many online tech/design magazines.) Screenshot

  • peter burr Lots of cool monochrome pixel art—kind of in the vein of unomoralez. Screenshot

  • HAWRAF This is a design studio page, but it’s so clearly inspired by personal home pages and desktop publishing—I think this could be a great springboard for personal blog or wiki design. I mean: you can scrawl all over the site. It would be cool for a wiki to allow those kinds of edits. Screenshot

  • Leander Herzog More SVG. The whole site seems to be visuals. Wild stuff. Screenshot

  • Village Grannies Best website ever for a bong? It’s very minimal—but maxed out visually. From a long line of scroll adventures. Screenshot

  • neul van gelder de neufville But a mere pamphlet, lush and babbing. Screenshot

  • Joe Coleman A personal portfolio/blog, but with an amusing slider as the home page. Screenshot

  • Inspiration — Brian Hertzog An interesting take on a directory. Tiled images that lead into short biographies. Screenshot

  • The Chorizo Chronicles Mr. Chorizo blogs about life in Spain—including a recent account of the protest in Barcelona. I enjoy flipping through blogs like this occassionally, to get a window into someone else’s life. I tend to think these personal blogs are embellished—which I don’t mind at all, of course—but this one seems legit. Doesn’t matter either way. Be who you want to be. Screenshot

  • Subpixel Space by Toby Shorin. Put a purple mint sticker on this one. I’m still working through the essays—but there’s some great digging into online culture here—what I’ve read is insightful. (I also love discovering a blog, kind of like Nadia’s too, where the author has already published so much that you have your work cut out for you just catching up with their material.) Screenshot

  • Julian Shapiro Damn polished. I know nothing about many of his topics (marketing, fitness) but there are good ideas here for a clean blog ‘look’/‘layout’. Screenshot

  • Dr. Tom Allen Engineering blog—some thoughtpieces, some code. I really like this one on using a ‘directed graph’ to plan a project. Seems novel! Screenshot

  • Daniel’s New Website Personal home page as a text adventure. (This feels like it was done in Twine!) Written in second person. Screenshot

  • Bigger on the Inside Mix of personal thoughts and programming language evaluation by Xuanyi Chew. Interesting: Does Inflation Happen in Hell? Screenshot

  • SILO This french publication is monochrome but maximal. Feels like my site is a kin to this one. Wish I could get my fonts and layout up to par with this! Screenshot

  • Ilya Smirnov Site ain’t around no more. But look at it. One big page. This is hypertexting! Yes, this is how you do it. Screenshot

  • Vulfpeck Band with a website that looks like a man page?? Screenshot

  • Damon Zucconi I don’t know how to stop giving you links. This won’t be over soon. Screenshot

  • Elliott’s Computer It’s just a select box. I’m cool with that. Screenshot

  • ertdfgcvb ASCII webpage with some sweet animated touches. Fun ideas for h0p3. Screenshot

  • Jared Pereira’s central node, connecting various notes and projects. I think I’m most drawn to the media notes. Which is strange, because I don’t like reviews. But that’s exactly it—I don’t like reviews as much as just notes and goodstuff extracted from the text/film. There are a whole lot of related hypertext projects here:, I hate that this is at the end, but it’s the last one I saw. Screenshot

Href Hunt Archives

  • January 2020: Just random personal pages - 24 of them I came across.

  • November 2019: 22 personal and pro sites from linked lists on the blogs I follow.

  • May 2019: 15 personal sites from Twitter etc.

  • April 2019: 24 personal sites from Hacker News. Four or five wild designs. One Google parody that’s quite good.

  • February 2019: 15 neat personal sites, plucked from HN and Twitter.

  • November 2018: A few sites from tweets and Pinboard. 10 blogs and web pages.

  • September 2018: Plundering graphic design forums and Reddit. 19 home pages and portfolios.

  • August 2018: A whole lot of stuff from Hacker News. 59 home pages and blogs.

  • July 2018: The first attempt. 1 home page, 1 podcast and 11 blogs.