UPDATED, 09 Nov 2018. Time to link… to you! TO YOU!! (You can e-mail me or send me a message on Twitter at ANY time and I will be glad to include you in this catalog.)

I am just trying to meet people and get outside of my little world to see what’s out there. Whatever it is that you’re doing—count me interested.

  • Hilbert’s Mazes ‘On my Fortieth birthday my kids bought me a sketch book and some pencils. Since I was on conference calls all day I started doodling again. I decided to make each kid a maze and after those three were done I figured I would to try and make at least one a month for the rest of the year.’ (Also includes a brief directory of other maze artists which is perfectly done—thoughtful descriptions of admired sites.) Screenshot

  • Dave Goes the Distance Dave Millar, puzzle enthusiast and—well, there’s a variety of stuff happening here, such as: catalogs of comedy events and tacos around Dallas-Fort Worth, as well as candymaking projects. I personally enjoy the creepypasta prototypes and Dave’s blog, particularly the links on the ‘Nostalgia’ post. Screenshot

  • Lusty Society A primitive wiki-like directory of concepts surrounding a little community that wants to ‘remove misery’. Is it safe to say that this is an example of how perceived fake news and untrusted algorithms can cause a move back to static hypertext? Screenshot

  • Exploring the Different Types of Board Games + REAL Examples (2018) Reader ‘Kendra’ writes in to show this directory of the modern board game landscape. (ALWAYS glad to have any of you reach out!) An impressive start, succinct writing and good organization. It will be interesting to see this expand and adapt over time. Screenshot

  • A Scripter’s Notes ❚ Kaushal Modi’s blog—seems to be entirely programming topics. Very intense markup here—JavaScript ‘table of contents’ for each post as well as inline notes and updates. I think Hugo is used behind the work. At any rate, much to look at here if your ‘hypertext’ acts as a reference. Screenshot

  • Streem This one is from the recent article ‘Why Do All Websites Look the Same?’. Runs pretty sluggish for me, but interesting nonetheless—and definitely stylish. Screenshot

  • Now · Amit Gawande I’ve seen several of these ‘now’ pages (‘what am I doing now?’) that act as a directory of a person’s current projects and daily life. Amit’s is sweet—the layout just draws me in somehow and I like that stuff gets crossed-off rather than just disappearing. And it feels like the question here is tweaked: what am I doing now (or recently) that you might find interesting? Yeah, good good. Screenshot

  • Brad Enslen’s directory and wonderful associated blog. I really enjoy Brad’s work and look forward the things this directory collects. Screenshot

  • Internet History Podcast Interviews of early web entrepreneurs and participants—Kottke and CmdrTaco show up here, not too aware of many of the others. Screenshot

  • Excellent Commandline Tools A nice directory of software tools—see, this is how the informal and minimal link directory can be done well as a blog post. (It is also interesting to me how often I run across links to software and how little I find links like this to individuals, to other people.) Screenshot

Href Hunt Archives

  • January 2020: Just random personal pages - 24 of them I came across.

  • November 2019: 22 personal and pro sites from linked lists on the blogs I follow.

  • May 2019: 15 personal sites from Twitter etc.

  • April 2019: 24 personal sites from Hacker News. Four or five wild designs. One Google parody that’s quite good.

  • February 2019: 15 neat personal sites, plucked from HN and Twitter.

  • November 2018: A few sites from tweets and Pinboard. 10 blogs and web pages.

  • September 2018: Plundering graphic design forums and Reddit. 19 home pages and portfolios.

  • August 2018: A whole lot of stuff from Hacker News. 59 home pages and blogs.

  • July 2018: The first attempt. 1 home page, 1 podcast and 11 blogs.