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Reply: Young Coder

Matthew MacDonald

Hey! I’m a coder and tech writer who runs a small publication on Medium about teaching kids to code. I’m mostly interested in alternate perspectives (less glitzy coding playgrounds, more getting creative) and I’ve been thinking about trying out Twine with my daughters.

Yeah, Twine is the real deal—to me, third to sixth is the ideal group for this tool. They’ve got down how to write, but may not yet see how useful writing can be. There’s a lot of negativity (in my experience) among this age group (in 2019) concerning writing—especially with video becoming so prevalent.

So I see Twine as a writing platform with coding playing a support role. This is awesome—because often kids will look at it as a ‘coding’ platform and not realize how much writing they are doing. I think this dual nature makes it incredibly powerful.

Sure, feel free to cite or syndicate anything here. I’m just glad you’re having the conversation. I’m definitely keeping an eye on your blog. Let’s be friends!

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