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A blog can be both lovely carcass art and marker reviews.

Blogs are piling up everywhere. I need to do another HrefHunt. (If you have a blog, let me link to you.) In the meantime, I don’t want to sit on this one. A Wordpress blog that is very clean and colorful.

While much of it is art (and art supplies), there are also some good essays about blogging, such as “The Only Way to Beat Algorithms is to Retrain Your Audience”. I appreciate articles like this because it has become very common to litter criticism everywhere without any concept of a way forward. I really don’t think an RSS resurgence is going to happen with the mainstream - but it could continue to happen down here in the wilds - and we can definitely benefit from the mindset of bringing your node on the network back under your control.

Anyway, I think Wordpress is still an excellent way to participate. So it’s good to see blogs that use it well.

  1. @kicks a link to my blog:

    I like to think of it as probably the oldest, least read weblog. :D

  2. Reply: Paperclypse

    Shawn Kilburn

    @kicks a link to my blog: I like to think of it as probably the oldest, least read weblog. 😄

    Ok wow - impressive that you’ve kept it all collected for so long and persevered through the dark ages of blogging. It looks like it landed at in the mid-2010s. Have you been on Wordpress for a long time? I’m curious what kind of effort it has taken to blog continuously from 2001 to now. And thankyou for saying ‘hi’.

  3. @kicks Let's see... I think I started on Blogger (or maybe something even more obscure and gone) and then moved to MovableType and then moved to Wordpress. I had a brief stint on Squarespace but realized I preferred having my own thing.

    It hasn't taken much effort. :D I go through long periods of "loving neglect". I'm thrilled to see what seems like a reviving interest in blogging (a word I've always hated, btw hahaahha).

    Also, weirdly, "paperclypse" came to me in a dream.

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