How Webmentions Work on This Blog

Yes, this blog accepts webmentions—particularly if you can do a reply, see the How To section of that page.

Your reply will be reposted on this site as HTML. Here is a list of the tags I keep:

<a> <abbr> <blockquote> <br> <cite> <code> <dd> <dfn> <dl> <dt>
<kbd> <li> <mark> <ol> <p> <pre> <q> <s> <samp> <small>
<strike> <sub> <sup> <time> <ul> <var>

Yeah, so I strip out <div> tags and all their contents. Usually this is a sign that extra metadata and sharing cruft is in the post.

Most attributes are stripped off, except the following:

cite datetime href pubdate title

Links also must be ftp, http, https, mailto, dat protocol or relative links.

I also add rel="nofollow" to all links, to avoid giving search juice to links in the comments. This may be wrong, I don’t know.