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Elegant mini-directories - “lost tapes, shower thoughts, cool links.”

Here we go: more surprising news in the personal directory front. Who woulda thought. Perfect tiny directories - you all are always asking me about this.

Tray[1] is much like other link page / one-page tools (linktree, carrd, which lets add you add links and notes to build a rudimentary web page. But it adds a key element: subpages. When you add a subpage, it is linked from the page you added it to. And you can add more inside that new page.

Add a page

So we’re looking at kind of barebones wiki here. Ingenious.

This also feels more freeform and ‘fresh’/‘clean’ than those others.

From @bgdotjpg:

i’m just a normal person, who doesn’t want to write a blog or start a newsletter.

I think this is one of the things that killed blogging - you basically had to be an essayist to do it. (In the perceptions of Internet travellers.) So people jumped ship for these other mediums that weren’t so exhausting.

i’ve tried a lot of site builders. none of them have felt quite right. i don’t want a splashy, highly customized landing page. i’m not an influencer.

i’ve got some cool links though, and some half-formed ideas.

This vibe was actually a big part of the olden Web - all the Geocities pages were like this - a smattering of links, a gif collection, some construction cones. “Hi, this is my page!” And I like to see this mood live on.

Related tweet from @valstals:

i swear neocities is getting really good

  1. Oh, please note: I had some trouble with tray and Chrome. Give Safari a go. Works well on iOS as well. ↩︎

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