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A personal mixtape on Glitch.

Spotted this mixtape on Gossip’s Web: not just an mp3 entitled “A Walk to Remember”, but a really cool page of floating paper wads, apparently done for a Secret Santa exchange.

It’s a good feeling, examining the paper scraps and wondering who is behind them.

something fun to say in German is
which means : next to eachother / sidebyside

You can find a number of similar uses of Glitch on Gossip’s Web.

On the New Year’s Scrappychat (pdf), tinyfluff mentioned wanting to use Glitch for other things:

I desire a nice glitch friendly indieweb blog that supports all the nonsense like webmentions that anyone can start up as easily as a tumblr, so we can get back to a nice place where people had feeds that were just stuff they follow, and people could make stuff accessible to those feedreads very easily, instead of this weird nightmare zone of trying to scrape instagram or whatever. instagram-private-api is pretty nice but I shouldn’t have to emulate a chinese android phone to be able to include content from my friends in my feeds

I think a good start is just to see people continue to use Glitch and Neocities for whatever ideas pop into their heads! It’s the tultywits thing. Webmentions and feeds are nice - but they don’t fill with amazing things on their own.

I mean: is there a way to do this right now without needing to build something elaborate? Like…

  • Make pages on Glitch or Neocities (or Github Pages).
  • Setup an account on and include the HTML snippet on the home page on all of your pages. (I do this on
  • Then, submit your page to a tag on (Can be done here.)

That tag could then act as the ‘feed’ for your pages. (Or even for a group of people sharing their pages.)

And has feeds for incoming messages you get.

I don’t disagree with tinyfluff’s wish at all. But I think that understanding how to cobble together your own little thing - like above - could both help someone put together a tool - and would help anyone wanting to dabble with hypertext in this way.

I also think Gossip’s Web is showing that you may not need a feed for everything. If you can submit to a little directory, then you have a doorway to others as well.

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