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Rebane has checkpointed the checkpoints, after a DMCA takedown by Nintendo.

I recently covered Taia777 (and its ‘checkpoints’) here - now many of those videos have now been taken down - along with all of the comments. This appears to have happened on June 15th. Checkpointers have moved to other Stickerbrush Symphonies here and here. It appears that home for checkpointers is any place that this song calls home.

Fortunately the video is now also archived here along with all of the comments.[1] Jonny RaZeR has also made a very good summary of the history and events up to the disappearance of these videos - with a bunch of screenshots taken the week previous.[2]

Rebane - who runs the ‘hobune stream’ YouTube archive says on Reddit:

Hey, I’m an internet archivist and I archived the taia777 channel and also the comments on it. Now that Nintendo has struck down many of the videos, I’m going to share my archives.

This reminds me of a tweet I recently saw from Robin Sloan:

I have developed a pretty strong habit of using youtube-dl to grab “tenuous-feeling” videos, especially those that qualify as some kind of research, and stashing the files away.

I have a stash too - I’m sure many of you have your own! If anyone out there is working on archival tools or has some pointers, please pass them on. It’s a good time for that.

Oh also: this playlist is an incredibly solid directory in this world - and also happens to be SiIvaGunner/Soundclown adjacent. Go get a good education!

  1. Replace /videos in the URL with /comments to see them all. I assume Rebane has a good reason to not directly link to that comments page - so I’m respecting that here as well. ↩︎

  2. The making of the video happened to coincide with the deletion of ‘the lost sanctuary’ - as the author writes in Discord: ‘I was making a video about the original stickerbrush video, and as I was finishing the editing process, and looking for comments, I discovered that the video was blocked by nintendo.’ ↩︎

  1. >I assume Rebane has a good reason to not directly link to that comments page - so I’m respecting that here as well. The reason the pages aren't linked is that my website wasn't built for comments and they were added as a kind of a hack, but you can freely link to those pages!
  2. Ahh! Amazing that you were able to save so many comments in the first place - hard to call such an impressive archive, a ‘hack’. Hardly!

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