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A compendium of pronounced shortenings and portmanteaus employed in this vicinity.

I very much dislike acronyms—you string together some letters and you’re done. They are certainly convenient when typing. They can confuse conversation. And usually the sound of them is stilted by the implied periods.

A snackronym is simply my term for a ‘word acronym’: a prounceable initialism of a term. These variations on a phrase are much more appealing to the author. (In a way, they recall the mood of cryptic crosswords, where skills and disciplines collide, not willy-nilly, but with blissful meaning and grammar punning.)


Phonetic BPSBF. beautiful, pretty, smart, brave, fire.

corpypastas (or CorpASAs)

corporatey anthologies of self-advertising. (e.g. Instagram, Behance, Facebook, Twitter)

‘cottoms up’

Phoneticalized ‘COTMs up’. COTM is crontab of the mind.


do what i mean.


fragile narrow laggy asynchronous mismatched untrusted pipes


Phonetic HFEI. have fun, encourage, inspire.


(Pronounced: ney-burro.) not an ideal burrough. (Or: nai-tribe.)


reality is darker than you are willing to recognize, but it could be brighter than what you can imagine.


Taking of an antimisanthropic pill that ends all pilltaking.

Tim Toady

Phonetic refactoring of the acronym TMTOWDI. Or, there’s more than one way to do it.


talk of and use the little things you want to survive.

Please reply with your own vital terms if you like. Thankyou for reading, as always.

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