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One Year of Maya.Land

Is becoming a rather foundational location on the altweb methinks…

Maya gets it. I mean I don’t even know if I get it as much as Maya does. Glad to sit back and learn at this point.

After a year, there’s no need to get high-minded. is just fun.

But let’s get high-minded anyway. Is a blog? Is it a wiki? Whatever - it’s hypertext through and through. There’re regular updates, pages devoted to topics (like the goblin manifesto - which also can be blogged to), and responses to things.[1]

I think Maya has a rare formula where aesthetics and wordsmithing get balanced.

In the same way that one might ask “how would the Book of Kells have looked if Columban monks had had access to neon pigments”, I like to use contemporary CSS options as my means toward ends that are a little anachronistic.

I think the pigments do work to say other things that we can’t. Or to be us in this hypertext world that we can’t easily pierce.

To celebrate the inaugural year of, there is a very precious gift - in the form of this carefully annotated blogroll - a very good map of nearby ‘altweb’/‘outerweb’/‘yesterweb’ people!

Ultimate blogroll spicy pic.

I harp on about personal directories THEY ARE SAVING US and this lovely little catalog gives me a serious, uhh, shall we say… well it gives me the pringles all over. It’s really amusing to me that the 88x31 tiles are making such a come back. I mean we’re really getting quite specific with those dimensions. is also a kind of touchstone for the current pragmatic Indieweb stuff. Webmentions bring in mentions from Twitter and other websites like mine. RSS feeds are still around.[2] Bit of whostyles in there. And a lot of posts get crossposted (manually?) to Lemmy.

I think this shows a kind of middle ground of easy-to-reach protocols that should be more achievable to people. It gets you connected to our world of chatter enough that you’re not alone out here - but also gives you your own iceberg to carve.

  1. Like an iceberg - this comparison was made in Hypertext 2020 - ‘layers of hypertext that become progressively more personal, or which become more detailed, or perhaps even more (or less) ephemeral as you go through the layers.’ ↩︎

  2. Maya: ‘I’m really sick of people complaining that RSS is dead. RSS isn’t dead!’ ↩︎

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