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@sphygmus I’ve been pouring time into an edit of the Hypertext 2020 conversation. It’s very large and I’ve probably spent 40 hours on it. A good amount of that time has been spent on all the wikis - re-reading and combing through - bc we all littered fragments everywhere. 😁

Whatever might happen - I’m very glad that we had that conversation, back on the cusp of the world getting thoroughly upturned. I enjoy reading it. I feel like I kind of ruined part of it by asking questions that fell flat - but it was fun to do and I like the variety of responses. I’m glad you were all up for it! I love to collaborate - it’s a chance to do more than I could ever do alone.

It’s been almost two years since I started reading you. (Two years since I found h0p3 and one year since chame joined.) What can I say? It’s been great. I had fun working on whostyling with you. And watching you write and build simultaneously across your wiki.

It’s probably weird for you that there are still snapshots of your wiki from back then. But I love it. 😅

I think I understand why you do your wiki. I mean - you love it, it’s your creation. You love to shape it and color it in. You like to write, too. You like to muse - feel out topics or emotions where you are uncertain. I definitely see h0p3 and chame fleshing out topics, too - filling in their workbooks - but I think you usually resist coming to a conclusion.

Similarly, you have always been off-and-on with the public side of your wiki. I think this is why it’s so fascinating to see where you go next. You’re still working through those reasons - and maybe resisting a conclusion there, too.

The thing is: we have this big public place now that we all share as humanity. And we don’t understand this place like we understand physical places - cities, homes, parks. This public place has only recently formed - because even the early bloggers and webmasters were virtually alone online. It was a niche thing until recent years.

So you get to be here at the beginning of its explosion. And part of the problem is that we have to try to figure it out before we really even know what it is.

When I think about it, though - I’m glad that you are here at the beginning, sorting through the conflicts this place presents. And working with the raw materials to create unusual, vivid designs for no other reason than the sheer fun and beauty of it.

There’s a price to being public. You rarely see the benefits. You may not see them at all. In fact, the benefit may go to all of us who marvel at your work and get to find inspiration in your designs and the ideas that you leave for us here and there.

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