Kicks Condor

@chameleon: I am sincere. But I am a total dipshit, so you are right to be wary. It takes time to form a friend sometimes. I wish this were the place we hoped it was—a place where the skin is shed and it is just us, together, digitally. But it’s not. But still, I wish it, maybe we wish it.

Oh, another waifu thing—I honestly am a disciple, you see—did you hear the recent interview with Žižek where he says ‘The Mask’ is his favorite superhero movie? He says that there’s no point hunting down the inner person, the humanity behind a mask—it’s all the mask. I truly believe this—maybe our greatest power is in this. The truth is in that mask, it’s what you are projecting. To me, I almost feel like the waifu could be the projection without needing to acknowledge a projector. It is completely the image. (To many people, the ‘image’ is fake—façade—but to me, I am imagistic—the glorious image is everything, she is worth living for and is greater than mere reality.)

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