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(Pronounced: ney-burro.) not an ideal burrough. (Or: nai-tribe.)

(Pronounced: ney-burro.) not an ideal burrough. (Or: nai-tribe.)

Communities tend to implode. You start with a few people who are fascinated with each other or collaborate well. Then more get in on it and you have a very good group, maybe one or two buggers in there. Then you get waves of new people and everyone has to adjust.

And, eventually, either the originators tire of change and welcoming and the gradual mutation of the group, or the newbs misbehave and tear the group up because, well, they have nothing to lose anyway. They probably have some good points in the process—but it’s not worth it, the group implodes.

So I think you need to go into a new group with a ‘nai-burrough’ feeling. It’s very much like a real neighborhood—you completely understand that you’ll like and dislike each other, but you also have a keen understanding of what you share. I think any group that starts with ‘this is the best group ever; finally the best people are here’ is DOOMED. (Related: Those Delirious Tales, the last story there.)

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