Kicks Condor

Meat Computer

You don’t have to like this bc I already do.

One thing I love about Meat Computer - every single song has the same “I like this new generation of music” sample. 😆 But really - this is just the same thing I am always posting - very slapshod, goofy and overlooked little bits of whatever.

these fangs
r 4 u

death threats
@ my head
jus 4 bein me
super creatine
fck my chrons disease

drinking kratom
like it’s fucking lean
now im sleepin
in my mommas jeans

Of course, you can barely make any of this out, because the vocals are so perfectly rushed and faint in the far upper reach of falsetto octaves.

Soundcloud page is here. Another great track is ‘nowhere fast’.

I don’t know what covid has done to turn this all into a music blog… but I swear that there are a variety of interesting things coming up once I get my act together. Pray that these HTMLs will manifest themselves to us.

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