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A wish comes true: a single-page world newspaper.

I’ve been wishing for many years that someone would start a newspaper called ‘one-line news’ or something, that would sum up the day of world news in a single (perhaps longish) sentence. I get behind on mainstream culture, but I don’t want to lose track of it completely.

This link (via Joe Jennett) is my dream page!!! Culled from Wikipedia’s Current events portal, this is a highly readable plain HTML page-per-day for the news. In addition, someone has made an RSS feed for it - though I’m having some troubles getting it to work.

Other news outlets have plain-text link lists:

However, I prefer the daily digest. And this being sourced from Wikimedia is also a mark in its favor. (See also: Sijmen J. Mulder’s directory to text-only websites.)

  1. that media query ✨
  2. Looks really interesting. Thx!
  3. @kicks This is a great, first thing in the morning scan for news. Where I don't want to get too distracted from other tasks but still be aware what's going down.

  4. Thanks to Kicks Condor I too have discovered Legible News, which is a great way to scan the previous day's events. But seriously, why did it need someone else to build the RSS feed? I imagine that creating the daily Legible News is fully automated anyway. How hard would it have been to add the microformats to make it an h-feed?
  5. @kicks Great recommendation! I even learned that the Slovenian prime minister has resigned, a piece of news that isn't covered today in The New York Times app as far as I can find.

  6. @sarcassem Oh, I’ll be checking out Winno. The closest I’ve seen to the old Breaking app that was the best news app I’ve ever seen.

  7. @bix yeah, Winno has been very thoughtfully designed too! It puts itself on DND at regular points each day.

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