Kicks Condor
  1. @kicks This is great, thanks for creating this list!

  2. Reply: Href Hunt No. 9

    Chad Moore

    @kicks This is great, thanks for creating this list!

    (and @bradenslen) Glad to encourage all this great work - so it’s a nice bonus to have you both check it out. My hope is that it’ll spark some fantasies for other new websites in the minds of anyone who passes by.

  3. @kicks I’m definitely inspired! I’ve been dangerously close to tinkering with image manipulation with Processing. Consider me one step closer. I’m particularly interested in manipulating images with sound. Especially the sounds of laughter...

  4. @kicks I'll never be able to put together a Apple Newton looking site, but one of these days I'm going brush off my old school HTML to put together a retro Geocities type site - because GIF's!

  5. @kicks Hey, thanks for the mention! I'm having fun digging into those other blogs too.

  6. thanks for mentioning my website man, I love your work and your lists!

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