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Draw amazing emoji mosaics - by Shannon Lin

This fantastic art tool is going right into my Web/Participate collection! Made by Shannon Lin - equally fascinating website at - what a sensation to use the fill tool to pour lollipops and little external hard drive icons into circles and squiggle shapes. I’ve recently had some fun with MacPaint - and this stirs up all the same freewheeling spraycan feelings!

My poor rendition of Toulouse-Lautrec is here no here - for some reason the link isn’t working, might be too big of an image.

Kind of a cool facet that the images show up differently on the different platforms.

mobile support has been solved!! thanks @bwasti – the animated emojis are still coming … please do hold your breath n stay tuned

Links to canvases can get huge - but glad it’s all there in the query string. Keep a URL shortener close.

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