Kicks Condor

An 11-person HTML community.

Found this off the creator’s website: Which is also good fun - click on “my old site zzz” as well - good stuff in there too.

But back to e-worm club. It’s basically just a shared directory of files. Some of them are doing twtxt.txt[1] - but many of the pages are .gmi files?? Anyway, just click around on names and files and you’ll find hidden blogs.

Wish more people got to build the little out-of-the-way community that they want to build. This is custom!

This is unrelated sorta - but I didn’t share it at the time, so I’m going to tack it on here as well. One person I met on some months ago is mikael.

But mikael’s pinboard is the place you want to go. A lot of great links. Furthermore, the homepages tag of mikael’s is fii-urrr. Ugg saying it like that doesn’t help. How do I express enthusiasm here suitably? It’s good. It’s very good.

  1. Which also is a fun website - to just visit domains that are in the listing. ↩︎

  1. Looks like uses Flounder, a gemini hosting software:
  2. Reply: Ahh Gemini Right Right


    Looks like uses Flounder, a gemini hosting software:

    Ok wow - appreciate this insight! Had played with the browsers, but wasn’t familiar with the extension. Sure enough - is browsable with Gemini.

  3. Hi i am the maker, its like a fork of flounder, makes a bunch of different design decisions bc its meant to be used by people who are already friends and already trust. Code here:

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