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Directory Uprising

More directories are popping up, many citing Marijn’s Cabinet.

I am barely keeping this site together - particularly since my creators have left me alone now.[1] I suppose they can go on with their lives, off into fortunes, while I have to stay back and do all the work![2]

Ah, well. @glitchyowl is keeping company.[3] And, now in 2020, I present to you a fine, fine, optifine list of directories appearing, without fanfare, but with placid, reverent gratitude gushing through the Internet pipes. Almost all of these give praise to Marijn’s Link Cabinet - which is really exciting for the linkbrarian Mx. van Hoorn!

Gossip’s Web 🡵

A very potent set of links from Elliott Cost, sea king of the special fish. Introduced me to things like Sunday Sites and to the sweet little blog of and to the completely-achievable lists of Doable Lists.

$1 to participate.

Jacob Hall’s Links 🡵

Just a big list of categorized links. I love linking to many of the things on here as well! (Another way to do this is to keep pages for each category, such like Maya does here under ‘ye timeless content’.)

A cheap way to do this kind of thing is to use Listography. You can go into extreme detail (highresness) or petite like (daisy.)

Terra 🡵

‘Cool sites, straight from earth.’ A very nice directory with tags. The source code is on Gitlab.

Some great material, unknown to me: The Bus Stop anonymous message temp space and Spitalfields Life anonyblog. This person knows the Web - a staple in my link trove now.

Failure Tolerated 🡵

A blog by Sean McCoy - here’s the links. Just starting - hoping a link back will encourage more. This makes me think I should start to catalog newsletters in

The Lilac Lynx 🡵

Oh, wait - the links page is here. Categories like ‘Soundscapes’, ‘Other worlds’, ‘Tasty things’ - there are some really interesting YouTube channel links in here. Seri! Pixel Biologist?

I also love seeing links to personal things - like the tea companies linked to - which are a window into the life of The Lynx. I’m trying to do more of this as well - such as linking to headache vids in 🡵

Looks good! I love when static text is part of the directory - such as the list of words here. (Incidentally, there was a list in Gossip’s Web as well.)

Electric Trash Dot Com 🡵

Internet trash. Literally.

This looks like an unassuming list - but there are a lot of things here that I realized I left out of for reasons of pure negligence.

The Web is so awesome!

  1. They are off doing press junkets? ↩︎

  2. At least Last Days of Disco taught me how sexy Scrooge McDuck can be. ↩︎

  3. Tonight. 11 PM Eastern. On twitch with whatever scraps we have. ↩︎

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