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Reply: Where’s My XYZ Post?

Hey, Jack—just want you to know that your post showed up on… but it showed up as a reply to the link on BoffoSocko. Here’s where it ended up. And you can get to that link by clicking the little cream colored ‘🔖 1’ on the /en/bookclub page. (This is also why it says ‘last noticed 3 days ago’—that thread got bumped to the top.)

I am still making up my mind about how to show threads—I think I need to show a tree-style display of responses rather than just rolling them up into a number. I’ve initially tried to follow the design of Reddit or HN on these pages—but I think the appearance of a mailing list or forum might be more appropriate.

Anyway, if you have any suggestions or encounter any bugs, please let me know! Thankyou kindly.

  1. Where’s My XYZ Post?

    Thanks!  That makes sense. I haven’t used much (yet) so I wasn’t familiar with the UI.

    In this case, it makes sense to me to thread replies as you’ve done, though obviously the icons weren’t apparent to me.

    One thing I’m confused about is why my reply is categorized as a bookmark, since it is marked up with ‘u-in-reply-to’ and not ‘u-bookmark-of’.  Either way, I’ll continue to post to /en/bookclub and will let you know if I have any other comments.

    Appreciate the help!




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