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Reply: Where’s My XYZ Post?

Hey, Jack—just want you to know that your post showed up on… but it showed up as a reply to the link on BoffoSocko. Here’s where it ended up. And you can get to that link by clicking the little cream colored ‘🔖 1’ on the /en/bookclub page. (This is also why it says ‘last noticed 3 days ago’—that thread got bumped to the top.)

I am still making up my mind about how to show threads—I think I need to show a tree-style display of responses rather than just rolling them up into a number. I’ve initially tried to follow the design of Reddit or HN on these pages—but I think the appearance of a mailing list or forum might be more appropriate.

Anyway, if you have any suggestions or encounter any bugs, please let me know! Thankyou kindly.

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