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Reply: Two RSS Experiments

Jason McIntosh

Giles Turnbull wants you to use RSS more. To that end, throughout June he runs an art project called Black and White RSS, where he posts one original monochrome photograph to a special RSS feed and nowhere else. If you can suss out how to subscribe, youll wake up every morning (Eastern time) with another photograph shared with you solely on this obscure channel you took the trouble to hook into. It feels pretty nice.

Giles’ B&W RSS and Fraidycat.

It cracks me up how these two projects don’t function together though. 😂 Fraidycat can’t consume a solo RSS feed—because it has no HTML to link to. So you’ll just get a graph and no way to view the pics. Hehehe!

Not sure where to go with this! Kind of loving the irony and don’t want to ruin it…

  1. hey Kicks, you could double-down on the irony.... Fraidycat doesn't display content, unless the content doesn't link anywhere, then you do? Just a thought. :-)
  2. Reply: Irony Double-Down

    Malcolm Blaney

    hey Kicks, you could double-down on the irony… Fraidycat doesn’t display content, unless the content doesn’t link anywhere, then you do? Just a thought. 😃

    I’m starting to think that, in Giles’ case, I need to run the photo through some image captioning algorithm and use that as the title. Generally, I won’t use algorithms—but this could be the exception. 😃

    Good to hear from you, Malcolm. I haven’t encountered Dobrado before and it looks amazing.

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