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Reply: TiddlyWiki on the Go

Chris Aldrich

I’ve been having some issues in self-hosting a TiddlyWiki the way I’d like to. If anyone has any clear cut documentation on how to host a TiddlyWiki on one’s own domain name, I’d appreciate it.

Calling @sphygmus…

(This is a much better question for @sphygmus, who seems to have a dope Webmention setup for her TiddlyWiki.)

I’ve been keeping my TiddlyWiki on Dropbox. I know this isn’t very Indieweb anointed - but it can be! Just name the wiki index.html and then:

  • Use ‘in the sky’ to edit on mobile or Chromebooks.
  • On a full PC, sync Dropbox locally and use TiddlyWiki directly from there.
  • On the server, you can sync just your TiddlyWiki folder.

Or you can make the folder public on Dropbox and - I don’t know - put a CDN in front of it or mirror it somehow. Hopefully someone can pitch in better ideas than mine - just thought this could get the ideas going.

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