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Reply: This Is An Odd Experience


Hey kicks! Saw your message, it shows me that you have clearly been looking through my wiki, this is an odd experience for me. I have never had anyone but my family look at my wiki, now that you are I don’t know exactly what to do. I will try to become friends with you though. I don’t know how to respond to your message exactly. (am I repeating myself?) The last thing I have to say is, please excuse my grammar, it’s some of the worst you will have seen.

You writing me back makes me so happy! I just LOVE the way you write. You are still reminding me of Édouard Levé: you write so precisely and plainly and in a way that feels honest to me—I agree that it’s very odd that I’m reading your wiki! But what can we do: you have one reader now.[1]

I have decided on a name, 1uxb0x, interesting story how I got it. I am hard on myself, sometimes. I have few things planed. All those notes pages were me writing down what my dad said. I think I am a literary wiki kid, but not tootytoot. I think I answered everything that needed answering.

😂 Okay, okay! I concede: you are not a tootytoot!

Now I am stunned that you take such extensive notes while your Dad is talking! I am hooked on your ‘Notes’ now—every home philosopher should be so lucky as to have a scribe such as you. You are doing very good work.

I will try not to comment, if it makes you nervous. But if it helps you write more, I will comment. You don’t need to be nervous, though. I am a total loser, my sister will tell you that.[2]

  1. Your response is particularly funny to me because many, many times I’ve tried to convince your father that having an audience changes writing in a variety of unpredictable ways—and I’m not sure he ever believed me. ↩︎

  2. I know your dad has said that he is like Dale Gribble or Raphael (the ninja turtle)—but if you ever watch any movie with Owen Wilson where he plays the most harmless, clueless character in the whole world—that’s me. (You can also tell me what fictional character you are, too—if you have one.) ↩︎

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