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Reply: Solid Victorian Textual Elixir

Neil Mather

I’m kind of OK with the sentiment of the p.14 quote from Rebecca Blood – hypertexting helping me find my voice – although yeah it is worded a little like something from a Victorian self-help guide. But I have found blogging and wiki-ing sort of does the things she says. Though I think I would perhaps just describe it as learning, rather than self-growth. The blog/wiki combo is both helping me think more about what I learn and learn more about what I think, I’m really digging it.

Cool - I appreciate this clarifying thought. My issue was more with the part about solidifying opinions - I think my personality needs my opinions to be plastic. But maybe that fights against self-growth. Like maybe learning should solidify into opinions…? I really love her contributions to that book tho - in case it wasn’t clear.

(I’m reading her The Weblog Handbook (2002) right now as well - will probably post some thoughts on it.)

I’ve noticed my own wiki/commonplace book thingy slowly taking that rough form recently, too, I wonder if it’s a common pattern? I’ve just started making the doorframe.

Huh - well it definitely appears to be a pattern. (Interesting to see @visakanv do this with Twitter threads - as if it was his commonplace book.) I don’t think it’s terribly common - but perhaps becoming more so in our niche.

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