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Reply: Sausages & Hamburgers

Prateek Saxena

So, when Siddharth showed me what sausage links were, I knew they would be perfect for this problem. I did some research and found some other documentation websites using them too.

Hey, Prateek—good to have you cross-posting to It will be interesting to see if sausage links stay or if they are a fad. It’s interesting that browsers haven’t adopted them for crowded tabs (or, perhaps, it seems that they moved away from hidden tabs… can’t recall.)

At any rate, you have a nice design here. Keep up the great work!

  1. I really like, thank you for making it (also your site is awesome 🤩). Still posting to it manually though, need to get my webmentions working properly. Even your comment doesn't show up on my site correctly yet 😓

    IIRC, after a certain number of tabs Firefox lets you horizontally scroll through them on MacOS. I think the design is surely functional 😊

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