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Reply: Not Necessarily YouTube


it’s interesting that YouTube is the repository for this stuff, but it’s worth pointing out a lot of the early things didn’t appear in YouTube originally. Like “All of Your Base” which was a GIF, Chad Vader (and the far superior Yacht Rock) were Channel 101 video things before YT existed. And the Tron guy, who was just a picture of a guy in a Tron outfit who appeared on Slashdot

Oooo… This is a great point. It hadn’t occured to me that YouTube has become somehow an Internet Archive to many people! (Well and, with ‘ALL YOUR BASE’, soon after it exploded, you had an spring up which had a Flash animation—something like that, with music and meme images—that’s how I first saw it—so it’s unclear where its ‘home’ really is. Kind of like how was ‘home’ for the he-man video for many years.)

Thank you for the reminder about Yacht Rock—you’re talking about this, right? I saw this on an old LiveJournal that I used to follow. Gah I can’t remember the name of that particular LJ any more! It was great!

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