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Reply: Loneliness in the Classroom

The article seems to imply that the target of this article is children, when the actual statistics cited seem to revolve around adults. I’m quite shocked actually to hear that social education needs to ‘start’ in the classroom—I can hardly imagine a more immersive social atmosphere than an elementary school classroom! 😛

I feel like most teachers that I interact with see the classroom as predominantly embodying the ‘social education’ that the article prescribes. In a way, I feel like setting it aside as a block topic would sterilize it. For me, the time to tackle ‘social education’ would be in the moment when it is required—and this comes up daily. When there are fights, when there is isolation, when there is success in friendship—those are the moments to lay the topic out together, so this becomes the meta-class of every day.

And there is decent training along these lines, though perhaps it needs to be better. (Hey: always glad to see your posts come up, Eli.)

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