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Reply: Is There a Feedburner Alternative?

Ton Zijlstra

In the past days both Heinz and Ric alerted me that my RSS feeds wasn’t reachable for them. My log files quickly showed what was happening, Netnewswire, FeedBin and TinyTinyRSS were blocked by my hoster as ‘bad bots’ whenever they tried to reach my RSS feed.

This has got to be a bug or misclassification. I cannot conceive why a FEED would block a FEED READER?? 🤣

  1. Yes, it doesn’t make much sense. It’s only for specific feed readers though, based on the user agent that is set. I had it once before because the feedreader in question used the no longer existing Google Reader as user agent. Same seems to be true for why NetNewsWire is getting blocked. Others might have gotten blogged for the frequency with which it calls the feed URL.

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