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Reply: Heya, Tom

Tom Critchlow

This post is a test.

Hey, glad you got this going!

I completely agree that Webmentions are too hard. However, they’ve been rock solid for me after I got my setup in place. And they were ultimately worth it for me. I’m a believer now. The technology is sick—it just needs more believers.

(And I actually think a lot of people could get by with just setting up I use on to just be aware of incoming links. If someone comments on a page, I don’t want their comment to appear on the page—but I will read the comment to see if they have a useful submission. This has prevented me from needing a submission page for the directory.)

So I think most of the hardship with setting up Webmentions is getting comments to show up on your blog. That’s difficult—all the blog software does it differently.

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