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Reply: Godzilla

Eli Mellen

I’ve got a quick confession: I love Godzilla. This post encompasses all the things I like about Godzilla. You’ve got some cultural production stuff, you’ve got climate and ecology stuff, with a smattering of socio-political stuff all wrapped up in a rubber dino-monster suit. What isn’t to like!?

I am lockstep with you, man. I love Godzilla—love the sound the thing makes. The closer it gets to the wail of tearing metal the better. Love the waggly-eyed floppy version that waddles through the harbor in Shin Godzilla. Love the rigid linear path of the original. Love the lasers out of the back and such.

It gets a little like Power Rangers with the King Ghidorah stuff—which is amazing!! But I prefer even stuff like the U.S. version where the camera can’t seem to get the whole thing on tape and there’s just these shadows stalking through the mist.

I don’t know if the article is suggesting this, but I don’t think Godzilla has become unmoored from its origins. I love it because of its history—and most fans I meet know the history. I didn’t experience the bombing, but it’s horrific to me. (I have witnessed a horrific accident that was like an atomic bomb to me. And I think even one who experiences horror can’t completely internalize it—the whole scene is still left to the imagination and to the psyche—the moment is a flash.)

Great article—this might land in If so, I’ll leave a ‘via’ for you.

Really appreciate these thorough linklogs. I’m way into these. Love Robbe-Grillet, too. Djinn was a favorite. Not recommending it to anyone, though.

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