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↬ Thanks so much for that shoutout, I’m glad the laser eyes did not go unnoticed! Your site is an absolute gem with great style, I’ll have a lot of fun exploring it. I suspect you already know most of it, but perhaps you’ll find an interesting link here: .

Ahh, good to hear from you! Yes, I had seen your ‘www paleo’ page—and I am very glad it exists. I link to many of those same things at—I feel just as you do about them—(and,, etc.)—though I know that I first saw ‘keeping up appearances’ through you. (Your link is broken for me now, strangely.)

I think your site has that same kind of feel—self-organized, almost wiki-like, but still on the Indieweb… It’s cool to see you carve out your own place like that. (Salute.) That’s how it’s done.

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