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Brad Enslen

I am over my limit for feed to follow on Inoreader free. I may have to either pay or move to a different reader. I’ve been experimenting with Wordpress reader but I’m finding it cumbersome.

I don’t know Inoreader—what is keeping you from paying for it? Is it not worth paying for? I also wonder what you are looking for in a reader. I mean if it reads RSS—what else is there? (I don’t understand using a reader and am looking for some enlightenment. Don’t think you’ve written about this yet—is there something you’re looking for beyond basic notification that a new post/comment has materialized? To me, they seem like e-mail clients—not much to it.)

  1. @kicks Oh, Inoreader works just fine and is normally the online reader I recommend. I'm just cheap. That and all these online payments start to add up over time so I hate adding another into the mix.

    First I need to clear out some dead wood on Inoreader.

  2. @kicks I rotate, weekly, between my Linux and Windows laptops so I like using online feed readers as opposed to software versions running on the computers. Otherwise I could use a software based reader, probably for free or one time payment.

  3. @kicks Rss readers have some of the same features as email clients, but I'd rather have all my subscribed sites in a different place than my inbox. As it is I'm already subscribed to too many discussion lists with high traffic. The best ones have bookmarklets or extensions that will let you subscribe to a feed extremely easily. Inoreader also has the feature where you can create feeds for pages without them, I think. I don't use it so I'm not sure.

  4. @kicks i started using a feed reader the other day, and already I don't like opening it to find a stack of unread posts. so i'm sticking with having blogs of interest saved on my pinboard, and just checking in on them when I feel like it. some I read daily, others weekly, still others, whenever... works for me.

  5. @tones That’s the sensible way to do it. I find a number of unread posts in a feed annoying too. There's nothing wrong with just going to a website to read content.

  6. @martinfeld plus i like looking at peoples blog designs too, so an added bonus there.

  7. @kicks I suppose unread counts don't matter to me because I just log in whenever I feel like it. Same goes with email actually.

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