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Chris Aldrich

Some of us have thought about doing it before, but perhaps just jumping into the water and trying it out may be the best way to begin designing, testing, and building a true online IndieWeb Book Club.

Using to form an ad-hoc book club.

This is cool—and now I’m trying to think of ways I can improve for a purpose like this. One thing that comes to mind is possibly offering a few moderation tools for you. I think with a sub like this, it would be nice for you to have a “pinned post” or something at the top of /en/bookclub so that you can advertise the current selection for the club and some links to how to vote for the next selection—things like that. (This post would just be a syndicated post from your blog, Chris.)

  1. Thanks Kicks Condor! I did contemplate creating a more specific stub name for the particular book, but suspected that starting out with something simpler maybe a bit easier and more user friendly. New functionality would be cool, but don’t kill yourself as proving the basics are a good first step.

    I was listening to a podcast the other day that talked about services like Ning that offered a lot of additional administrative functionality for groups (like this) versus some of the other social silos which generally haven’t given power to administrators to tamp down on bad actors. This is an area which may be fruitful for the IndieWeb to experiment within. I know that having a solid (private) group experience is something that is keeping a large number of people tied to Facebook and that if there were other places to go, many would jump ship.

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