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77,898,996,714 years of DRM-free musical tracks.

Not so much a musical recommendation here; illuminating another web corner. Seems like I’ve encountered this before, but it bears revisiting.

Currently there are 333 releases from this band right there on the home page. Some are a few minutes long, others are seven years long. A few (like 211 - With Muffled Sound Obliterating Everything) are negative in length.[1] Still others have unknown length.

One of the more popular tracks is called n and is 87,708,958,333,333 hours and 20 minutes long. There is a ‘simulated’(?) excerpt on YouTube which runs closer to 10 hours. (In accordance with 2010s tradition.)

A very interesting track, though, is ‘A Lovely Pear’. Knowing that this kind of stuff is in there makes this whole project a lot more than just audio file math.

I discovered this group while plowing through the recordcollector1972 wiki - which is another story, conveniently linking some recent interests on this blog.

Recordcollector1972 is a YouTube channel adjacent to SiIvaGunner. However, instead of high-quality video game rips, the channel posts high-quality music tracks. These are mostly all mashups, but there are some very straightforward rips, such as Depeche Mode’s ‘Enjoy the Silence’.

The channel departs into strange terrain sometimes with very obscure tracks, like this Nero’s Day at Disneyland mashup - never thought I’d run across such a thing! Or this New Deluxe Life parody.[2]

And, okay - what’s this?

(Also want to mention here, while we’re off on abandoned trails, that SiIvaGunner’s recent foray into Aphex Twin / Space Jam / GTA V territory is pretty frightening. This will obliterate many college educations.)

  1. This particular track is -47’22". I clicked on it and nothing played. But I also might have just finished it. ↩︎

  2. Which is DEFINITELY a musical recommendation that I can make. It kind of cancels out your college education if you haven’t brought it current by listening to this album. Good knowledge here. ↩︎

  1. This post is why I read this blog. I come in not understanding the subject because I haven't heard of it and leave not understanding the subject but at least now I've heard of it. Five stars.
  2. That New Deluxe Life thing is sampling Jerma985. He's a Twitch streamer and sometimes a performance artist. The "audiojungle" sample in particular relates to jerma in a panic over some music during a re-stream of some gaming event. Streamers fear music, and for good reason.

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