Kicks Condor

Interesting imageboard with colornyms and nonsensical features.

Don’t mind me, going down an imageboard corridor over here - perhaps this is what will shake you off my tail once and for all. Just splay your hands over your eyes and fall forward. We’ll - not catch you - but you’ll go somewhere at least. (No, don’t close your eyes. Just fuzz them a bit.)

You see those color bars? This is the user directory. You can honestly look—there’s no bad words. See, reminds you of special dot fish, yeah? RELEVANT. There, we can go home now.

I do understand why the above ground world hates anonymity so much. And I don’t have a defense. It’s just fun to be someone else. Or nobody at all. Or just a color strip. But I don’t know what you’re going to find in atob - so splay your hands, child.

This is a very fun, inviting design tho, right? I wonder how the archives work. Oh, wait, I can look at the source code. It seems like once a page has 10 upvotes and 50 more replies than it has downvotes(?) then it goes there.[1]

Had never heard of hubski before - it’s mentioned in the liner notes.

I believe I discovered it from THIS monumental directory of tiny imageboards. Fuzz your eyes.[2]

  1. Looking here. ↩︎

  2. You promised to deny any knowledge of this blog already. Come on. You forgot already?? ↩︎

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