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2020.11: What’s New to Href.Cool?

Nearing 10% completion of my twenty year directory project.

New link in Bodies/Adventure:

  • North Pacific Logbook Article 1h
    Sailing from Japan to Canada in 51 days. By Hundred Rabbits, who have a few other entries in this directory. But I’ll let you find those.

Added to Bodies/Human:

  • Gary Crowley’s Headache Vids Video 10m
    I risk losing you here - cause this might seem spammy or something. But I think a good librarian is going to hang on to something sweet, regardless of the optics.

    If you have headaches, give this trilogy of short vids a shot. I’ve recommended these to so many people with positive results. A low-effort victory. I’ll take it.

To Bodies/Inanimate:

  • Ei Wada Page 10m
    Expert at wielding electric fans, scanning striped t-shirts with barcode readers and slapping TV screens. Also part of ELECTRONICOS FANTASTICOS.
  • Love Hultén Video 1m
    Cool, imaginary (but real) devices.

Updated the link to “Ain’t Got No, I’ve Got Life”. The previous vid was removed from YouTube.

To Stories/Poems:

  • "THE NARRATION" (2020) Video 1m

    Wild livers, yes, the neighbors of the lungs, people sleep on livers, I prefer mines in brown gravy, drenched over a bed of white rice.

    More of these @dayne_n_simple.

To Tapes/Classic:

New in Tapes/Infinite:

  • Novas Page 1w
    Not strictly ‘infinite’ - this is like a 10-hour mixtape that has accompanying narrative blog posts to read, telling the story of synthetic humans, driven by images that fall out of the soundtrack. It’s cool what can be done with a simple blog, yeah?

Corrected “Mouth Trilogy” to “Mouth Tetralogy” now that Mouth Dreams is out.

To Tapes/Vaporwave:

Added within Web/Meta:

  • "My Instagram" (2020) Article 10m

    She rolled her eyes at me. “Yeah,” she said, “because everyone knows images are totally uncomplicated and true and exactly what they announce themselves to be.”

Expanded the file transfer entry in Web/Participate:

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